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Like other primates and mammals, humans have one method for it's reproduction process, this method called "internal fertilization process". Internal fertilization means this fertilization process between the "ovum cell" from the female body and "the sperm cell" from a male body happens in the body (female body).

Sperm cell and ovum cell are needed in the fertilization process. A sperm cell contains a genetic substance for forming the parts of human body. A sperm cell has a structure as a cell that consist of "head and tail", it's head is functioned as a "protector" for the genetic substance, and it's tail is functioned as a "machine" that helps the sperm to move to the ovum cell. Sperm are formed in male body, exactly in testis. The process of the sperm cells formation are called "Spermatogenesis."

Ovum cell is an egg cell (ovum cell = egg cell) that form a "zygote" when the ovum cell fused with a sperm cell (a fertilization process). the ovum cell can radiate a kind of chemical substance that make many sperm cells come around the ovum cell. Ovum cells are formed in female body, at ovarium, the process of the ovum cells formation are called "Oogenesis."

A fertilization process happens when a sperm cell fused with an ovum cell. In a fertilization process, the amount of the sperm cells may reach more than 2 million sperm cells, this large amount of sperm cells are a kind of "prevention" for the failure of fertilization because the female's womb contains a kind of acid. This acid may kill the sperm cells.

when a fertilization process happens, just one sperm cell that can enter and fused with the ovum cells, the sperm cell has a genetic substance that contains 23 pairs chromosome, one pair of them is a gonosome (sex chromosome). This chromosome pair determine the gender of humans, if the chromosome symbol is XX, the zygote will be a female. And if the chromosome symbol is XY, the zygote will be a male.

After the fertilization process, the zygote will split into two cells, then four cells, eight cells, more and more. After that, the zygote transform into embryo. Then, this embryo will improved itself in nine month. After nine month, the baby ready for it's born.

This fact is a fact that newly found in the end of 19th centuries. but, did you know? This fact are already known and written in Al-Qur'an, 14 centuries ago. This miracle process exactly written in:

Q.S AL-MU'MINUN : 12-14

Q.S AN-NAHL : 78

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