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2/3 parts of our world are covered with oceans. But, our's knowledge about the oceans isn't much, especcially about the aphotic area at the depth of the ocean.

Aphotic areas are an extreme area, because it has an extreme water pressure, pH, and there is almost no light. It depth are more than 200 meters, that's why there isn't any light in this area (sunshine can reach the depth only around 200 meters, these areas called as photic areas).

the scientists founds, the aphotic areas have a few floras and faunas that can adapted for these extreme conditions, most of them are carnivorous organisms because these kind of areas almost have no plants. In this area, the plant's role as the producents are replaced by bacteries. This bacteries use some kind of sulfide particles that burst from some craters into the water. this particles will be transformed by the bacteries with kemosynthetsis. This anabolism process will create many particles that used by the filter-feeder animal as their food.
Many faunas in this area have a weird and unic form like the lanturn fish that has a part of his head which transform into a rod for fishing-liked, this part can be glowed and used like a bait to catch some prey. Most of the faunas that lived in afotic areas can glows, because they have some fluorecent subtances in their body.
The aphotic areas have many food chains which mostly carnivorous. The recidue from the food chains like organics waste will be eaten by the deposit-feeders which mostly from echinoderm phyllum. these organism are the cleaners of the ocean because they make the decompose process faster.
The Characteristic of Aphotic Areas:

  • sunlight can't reach this area caused by it's depthness that more than 200 meters
  • there's only a few floras in this area
  • almost all of the creatures in this area are carnivorous
  • many animals in this area have some weirds and unics form
  • in this area, the water pressure may make a submarine crush

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