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"Lumpur panas Lapindo" is a burst of heat mud in "PT. Lapindo Brantas" bore location in Porong, Sidoarjo, East Java. The bursts are located near residence, toll road from Surabaya to Gempol, road from Surabaya to Malang and from Pasuruan to Banyuwangi. Around the the bursts location, there are the central of industrials in East Java.

at the first time, the burst mud volumes are around 5,000 meters cubic each day. Until now, the mud volumes are being increased until 126,000 meters cubic each day.
The heat mud caused:
  • Many Citizens are evacuated
  • The industrial sectors are destruct
  • Educations and industrial facility are unfunctionable
  • some sections on the road closed and caused a traffic jam
  • the environment was destruct and caused the ecosystem become unbalance
The government has does some effort for this problem like:
  • Making some dyke to block the mud, but sometimes the dyke may break down
  • Waste the mud into "Kali Porong"
The second effort got many concern from many people because it has many effects to the environtment like the fishery of embankments produce that have got down. The marine and fishery departement estimate the amount of the lost of materials from the fishery embankments are around 11 million rupiah each years. this second effort may caused a wider environments problems because the ecosystem around the "Kali Porong" will destruct, if the mud arrived on the sea, the mud automatically polute the "Selat Madura" and around of it. The fishery enbankments around 1,600 Ha in Sidoarjo Seashore will affects.

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