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Avian Influenza is a spreads disease that caused by the Avian influenza virus type A H5N1. this epidemic disease has confirmed happens in Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan, Laos, China, Indonesia and Pakistan. The virus resource assumed come from birds migration and infected birds transport.

In January 2004, some province in Indonesia especially Bali, Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi, Jawa Timur, Jawa Tengah, Kalimantan Barat, and Jawa Barat reported some case of chicken sudden death that very unusual. At the first, the chickens death caused by the "New castle disease virus". But The last confirmation from the Agriculture Departement, the chickens death are caused by the Avian influenza virus. The total of the birds death that caused by the epidemic Avian influenza disease in 10 province in Indonesia are very much. It reach 3,842,275 birds, and the highest total of the death bird is in Jawa Barat (1,541,427 birds)
the clamours are increase when this epidemic disease caused many people death. At January, 19th 2004, WHO official confirmed 5 Vietnam citizens death by the caused of Avian influenza, a child in age of 6 years old confirmed as the first Thai that death caused by this epidemic disease. the percent of death caused by this epidemic disease are high, based on the research from 10 people that infected this epidemic disease, 8 peoples are death, 1 people are healed, and 1 people are in a crisis period.

The caused of the Avian influenza is the influenza virus type A. this influenza virus is in Orthomyxoviridae family. This virus can transformed it's shape (drift, shift). It can cause some epidemics and pandemics too. Based on it subtype, it consist of "Hemaglutinin" (H) and "Neuramidase" (N). This alphabetics are used as identification codes for Avian influenza that has many variety. In humans body, the virus variety that founded are H1N1, H2N2, H3N3, H5N1. Eventhrough this variety of virus in animals body are H1-H5, and N1-N98. H5N1 is the strain of virus that very virulent that caused Avian invluenza. This virus can survive in water until 4 days at 22 celcious degrees and more than 30 days at 0 celcious degrees. This virus will death if its heated at 80 celcious degrees during 1 minute, 60 celcious degrees during 30 minutes, and at 56 celcious degrees during 3 hours. the virus will death too if we used detergent, disinfectant like formaline, and some liquid that contained iodine on it.

A. In the birds body
  • The cocks comb colour turn into blue
  • There're some Ulcers on the birds feet
  • birds sudden death
B. In humans body
  • Fever, recently above 38 celcious degrees
  • Cough, pain in the throat
  • Inflammations in the throat
  • Pneumonia
  • Eyes infections
  • Pain on the muscles
  • In birds body : 1 week
  • In humans body: 1 until 3 days, infection period: 1 day before 3 until 5 days after the symptoms. At children until 21 days.
Avian influenza infect from birds to birds and from birds to humans through spitle, mucus from nose, and feces. This disease can infect through the air that contaminate with H5N1 virus that comes from the birds feces that infected with avian influenza. The infections from birds to human can spreads from contacts with the infected birds.

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