"Balaenoptera musculus" A MAMMAL THAT RETURN TO WATER

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Balaenoptera musculus (blue whale) is an aquatic mammal. It was known as the largest animal in the world. A blue whale has a body which may reach 35 meters size. A blue whale lives in sea or ocean. But, it's ancestor is a land animal named "Andrewsarchus."

"Andrewsarchus" is a large land mammal, it lives in swamp. Andrewsarchus lives around "Paleosen Era" (around 50 million years ago). This animal is a carnivorous animal, although this animal is a land and carnivorous animal, Andrewsarchus is the ancestor of blue whale.

Because an Andrewsarchus live in swamp, many researcher believe this animal has "evolved" and adapted to become a semi-aquatic mammals called "pakicetus." this animal lives in Eosen Era around 40 million years ago. It's feet has turn into fins.

In the middle until the end of Eosen Era, this mammal has adapted more and more, then this animal completely become an aquatic carnivorous animal called "Basilosaur", the first and primitive whale that has a body that may reach 25 meters size. This animal become a terror in the primitive ocean at that time.

In the middle until the end of the miosen era, Basilosaur were extinct. But the Basilosaur has descent it's descendants called "Cetotherium". Then, this primitive whale descent two kinds of whale, The Sperm Cetacea whales which has teeth, and The Blue Whales which are toothless but the largest animal ever seen.

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