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Global warming is a condition that make the earth surface become more warm. Around ten years ago, global warming were just a discourse. But now, we have seen many facts about it. The Inuit's tribe has seen many sudden disappear of some giant icebergs. In the north pole, many polar bears have die due to starvation. And many more disaster like flood, typhoon, and many more in our world.

Global warming are very dangerous because global warming make the world's climate condition become more warm 5 degrees celcious. In this condition, global warming may melts both of the north pole and the south pole. This condition will make the surface of the ocean rise that may sink many island beneath the sea. At Siberia, this melt process has make many house splits into two. The house splits because the foundation of the house that called "permafrost" melts because of the global warming. Permafrost is a kind of stony matters that have froze at least 2 years. When this permafrost melts, the permafrost won't strong enough to support the house weight and make the house splits.

Global warming are caused by many gas like Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), and etc. These gases are created from "the unperfect" burning process (Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Monooxide), interaction between humans and bacteries or from farm animal fescess (Methane), and the use of some sprays that contains CFC (CFC). Carbon Dioxide and Methane may make a green house effects that contributes for the global warming. But, the most dangerous gas is CFC. this gas was used in some sprays, if the sprays are used, the CFC gas will be released into the atmosphere, in the atmosphere, this gas will react with ozone gas (O3) and become oxigen gas. This process make the ozone layer miss many ozone, if the ozone layers loss many ozone, some ozone layer's holes will be formed. These holes will allow many ultraviolet radiences to reach the earth surface, this condition will make the rise of the amount of the skins cancer sufferer.

Global warming makes many climates change like some disturbance of the hydrology process, a warm place or region will become more warm, and many place will undergo into a long dryness.

Almost all of the global warming effects are bad. But, not all of them are bad, there is an effect that may has advantage. This effect may helps a "reforestation of the Sahara Dessert" and turn the Sahara dessert back into it first condition in 5.500 years ago, A FOREST.

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  3. Selamatkan bumi kita, saya juga sudah memposting tentang global warming disini, Amankan Bumi Kita


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