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Water undergo a long journey at it's cycle. One of the process in water cycle is water evaporation which transform water's form from liquid into gas. This water then evaporate and go to troposphere layer (one of the atmosphere layer) and form cloud there. This cloud is divided into 3 kind of clouds based on it's height, "Low Clouds, Medium Clouds, High Clouds". This cloud is also has it's own name and it's own form.

The lowest cloud is "Stratus". This cloud usually formed at morning until day time. This cloud has a layered shape. This cloud isn't cause rain. Higher than this cloud, there's "Stratocumulus".

On the higher height, there's "Cumulus", a cloud that shaped like a thick cloud. This cloud usually formed at afternoon and potentially cause rain. Especially if this cloud accumulated and formed "Cumulonimbus", a giant rain cloud.

Higher than Cumulus are clouds which classified as "Medium Clouds" the example of medium clouds are "Altocumulus, Altostratus, etc. These clouds classified as medium clouds because their height that reach more than 2000 meters from Earth surface. Most of them have a clod shaped.

The rest of the clouds are classified as "High Clouds". These clouds height usually more than 7000 meters above earth. "Cirrocumulus and Cirrus are the example of High Clouds.

The largest cloud is "Cumulonimbus". Amazingly, this cloud stands from 1000 meters above earth surface (the height of the lowest cloud) and reach around 7600 meters height from earth. This cloud usully cause heavy rain, thunderstorm, tornado, and tropic cyclone. That's why this "Gray-Clotted Clouds" called "Rain cloud".9xujrw46da

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  1. suzhu Says:
  2. hmmm...what a wonderful creature by Alloh! water is a living creature without it we cannot live. rains are following its circumstantial for showering all the living creatures in this earth. we should treat good water

  3. hariesaja Says:
  4. subhanallah...

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. wadu, gak paham bahasa apa ituhhh XP

  7. Arief brian Says:
  8. Salam kenal juga ^_^

    Ad,du,duh.......Saya kurang ahli dalam segi bahasa ini,Mbak.....


  9. WAHYU Says:


  11. Ide Gokil Says:
  12. keren bro

  13. Diluar kemampuan bahasa PRof.....bahase bule, aye kagak gape.....

  14. Arief brian Says:
  15. Hey Rosmana,Aku udah ikut Follower kamu tuh,s'karang giliran kamu yang ikut Follower aku ya ^_^

    Oh ya,link kamu udah ada di blogku,tukeran link ya.....

  16. saya commentar lagi supaya pegerank kamu bertambah, biar saya tidak paham bahasa inggris tapi saya tetap commentar, karna saya blogger.
    {kunjung balik ya...} eh saya ikut fllower kamu jadi giliran kamu ikut follower saya..... ^-^

  17. aap Says:
  18. Fotonya bagus...walau saya juga ngga ngerti bahasa inggris..sedikit aja bisa..! Salam kenal ya..!

  19. Andie Gokil Says:
  20. mmmmm......
    i will get migrain when i read this.
    i don't understand sob.

    no comment
    heheh :D:D:D:

  21. That'is a God's miracle...
    Sorry, my English is bad

  22. Dede Suhaya Says:
  23. kalau dalam bahasa Sunda itu artinya ceudeum, pihujaneun...

  24. Tukang komen Says:
  25. What a miraculous world......

  26. Arie'' Says:
  27. nice blog..

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