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Solar system is a place where the Earth, our living place is located. Solar System consisted of a lot of space things that round over the Sun as the center of Solar System. These space things are variates. For example planets, asteroids, comets even meteors. These space things Have their own orbit. orbit is a kind of path that passed by the space things.

Planets are space thing that orbited around the sun that have almost circular orbit. Things that make the other space thing and planet differ are the shape of their orbit. Beside that unlike stars like sun, the planets don't have it's own light (can't produce light). The planets only able to reflect the light from the star that come toward them. There're more than 9 planets that orbit the sun, and will be more as the development of research.

Planets are divided into two. Inner planets and outer planets. These two kind of planets are separated by the Earth as their separator. That's also means the inner planets consist of Mercury and Venus. And the outer planet automatically consist of Mars until the outer planets.

The different of these kind of planets are based on the matters that consist the planet, and the planet's size. The inner planets mostly consist of metal and have small radius. That's why these kind of planets are dense. Whereas, the outer planet are mostly consisted of gas and less dense than the inner planets. but, their radius are large.

Between Earth and Mars, there're a lot of asteroids that orbit the sun. These orbited asteroids form an asteroid belt that orbit around the Sun. Sometimes, some asteroids are out of it's orbit and being pulled by planets gravitation. This asteroids then called meteor now (actually not all meteors are come from asteroids).

the most well known space thing is comets. Comets are also space things that orbit the sun. They have very elliptical orbit. The most well known comet is Halley Comet. This comet can be seen every 76 years. this is because this comet has an elliptical orbit.

People has study the solar system and the universe since centuries ago. The studies have bring out two theories about the solar system. The first theory is Geocentric theory. This theory is the oldest theory of Solar System. This theory said that Earth is the center of Solar System. The sun and the others planets are
orbit around the Earth. This theory was based on that time observation that show the moves of the sun which known as the apparent motion of the sun and the others planet revolution.

The second theory is Heliocentric Theory. This theory said that the sun is the center of solar system. Earth  and the others planets are orbit around the sun. This theory are recognized by a lot of people now due to the research that showed the facts that Sun is the center of Solar System.

There're still a lot of things that unknown by us. For example the increase of the planets due to the development at research and technologies. So, we must grow our curiosity for knowing more about this universe.

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  18. zujoe Says:
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  20. Kang Sugeng Says:
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