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Around 4 million years ago, the first creature was estimated to appeared. This first creature is estimated as a simple procariotic cell. It is estimate that this first creature was born at the primitive sea which usually called prabiotic soup by scientists. This first procariotic creature was live by "gulp" the organic substances around itself.

"How the first creature may born at that time?", "How can this creature which is estimated as a little procariotic cell may become compilcated organism at the future?" and "How they can survive in young earth which still a little uncomfortable for life?"

These question still mysteries for us. It is because there are only a little evidences that connected to the origin of creatures. Even, some of these evidences are still doubt by some scientists.

The first creature was estimated to born from the abiotic evolution at that time. At that time, the young earth condition is different from earth condition now. The compotition of the young earth atmosphere is also different. Scientists estimated the atmosphere at that time contain a lot carbon dioxide, methane, and the other gas. This atmosphere only contain a little oxygen at that time. Scientists estimated that this condition had trigger "the born of the first creature". Scientists said that this theory may right. It is because an experiment did by Alexander Oparin, Stanley Miller and Harold Urey.

It is said that Oparin sometimes is called "Darwin of the 20th century." Although he began by reviewing the various panspermia theories, he was primarily interested in how life initially began. As early as 1922, he asserted the following steps:
1. There is no fundamental difference between a living organism and lifeless matter. The complex combination of manifestations and properties so characteristic of life must have arisen in the process of the evolution of matter.
2. Taking into account the recent discovery of methane in the atmospheres of Jupiter and the other giant planets, Oparin postulated that the infant Earth had possessed a strongly reducing atmosphere, containing methane, ammonia, hydrogen, and water vapor. In his opinion, these were the raw materials for the evolution of life.
3. At first there were the simple solutions of organic substances, the behavior of which was governed by the properties of their component atoms and the arrangement of those atoms in the molecular structure. But gradually, as the result of growth and increased complexity of the molecules, new properties have come into being and a new colloidal-chemical order was imposed on the more simple organic chemical relations. These newer properties were determined by the spatial arrangement and mutual relationship of the molecules.
4. In this process biological orderliness already comes into prominence. Competition, speed of growth, struggle for existence and, finally, natural selection determined such a form of material organization which is characteristic of living things of the present time.
Oparin outlined a way in which basic organic chemicals might form into microscopic localized systems - possible precursors of cells - from which primitive living things could develop. He cited the work done by de Jong on coacervates and other experimental studies, including his own, into organic chemicals which, in solution, may spontaneously form droplets and layers. Oparin suggested that different types of coacervates might have formed in the Earth's primordial ocean and, subsequently, been subject to a selection process leading eventually to life.
While Oparin himself was unable to do extensive experiments to investigate any of these ideas, scientists were later able to. In 1953, for example, Stanley Miller performed what is perhaps the first experiment to investigate whether chemical self-organization would have been possible on the early earth. (See Miller-Urey experiment.) He showed that from a mixture of several simple components of a reducing atmosphere, with the input only of heat (to provide reflux) and electrical energy (sparks, to simulate lightning), a variety of familiar organic compounds such as amino acids were synthesised within a fairly short period of time. The compounds that formed were somewhat more complex than the molecules that were present at the beginning of the experiment. (

Although this experiment can produce organic substances from anorganic substances, this experiment still unable to explain how the first creature can be born. Wherease, there is still no experiment that can explain about how the first creature can be born. We can only know that there is an extraordinary power that involved in the creation of the first creature. This statement directly show us that there are power that outside our mind and knowldge that had created the first creature in this Earth. Subhanallah...

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