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Beneath the sea, more than two hundred meters under the sea surface, there is a place which is unable to reach by the sunshine. This area is completely dark because no sunshine here. This place is almost not suitable for creatures. Only a few creatures may live and survive in this kind of area.

This area is not only known as the darkest place beneath the sea. It is also known for it's extreme water pressure, high temperature due to hydrotermal vents in some place, and the most well known 'weird form' carnivorous creatures. These are only a few of things of some facts that the aphotic area has.

Although there are still a lot of things that we didn't know about aphotic area, there is some benefits that was recently founded. For example, the water currents in the aphotic area which is flow around the world. This water current flows in a cycle. The water current spend around 164 years to complete this cycle.

Researchs conclude that the water at this currents contains a lot of dissolved minerals. thus minerals amount is around 20 times than the sea water. The water also clean, low temperature and stable. (National Geographic Indonesia, April 2010)

There are still a lot of things that we still don't know about this area. It is because this area a little difficult to be investigated. But, these facts that already known by us had been told us that there're still a lot of natural wonders inside our Earth. It is also told us that there is a creator of this Earth and also the universe.

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  3. interesting...
    there's still lots more that we don't know...

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  5. i remember when my biology teacher said about aphotic fish. Since it's lightless therefore appearance doesnt matter :D

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  7. And that is Allah's Power to designet that beneficent place..
    are people would going to that place...?

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