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Sun is the center of our solar system. This thing is a kind of star, that's why sun can radiates light and heat. Then, these light and heat are radiated to everywhere and reach some planets and other space things around it include our earth.

Sun is a giant ball that consist of gases. This gases ball has a high temperature and pressure. On it's surface, the temperature may reach more than 6,000 degrees celcious. But in it's core, the temperature may reach around 15 million degrees celcious.

Because of the temperature in the core very hot, many Hydrogen atoms lost it's electrons. Then, these Hydrogen atoms move rapidly because of it's temperature and cause collisions with the others Hydrogen atoms. Then, this process cause a kind of transmutation that cause the Hydrogen atoms transformed into Helium atoms and occurred mass defect of the sun. After that, these mass defect are transformed into heat and light radiance. Then, both of them are radiated to everywhere. This is a reaction process that called Nuclear Process.

Sun has a structure that consist of an atmosphere and core. Sun doesn't has a crust like planets because sun has a temperature that doesn't allow it's surface for hardened.

Sun's atmosphere are divided into three parts: Corona, Chromosphere, and photosphere. Corona is the outermost part of the sun's atmosphere. In corona, there're some sun's activities that come from it's core. Sometimes, these activities appear in a great amount. That's why these activities may reach Corona. Recently, some radiance particles from the sun activities reach earth atmosphere and appears shiny light called aurora in the sky over artic and antartic.

Chromosphere is the second sun's atmosphere layer. This layer are located between Corona and Photosphere. The thickness of this layer is around 16,000 kilometers. Photosphere is the nearest sun's atmosphere to it's core. This layer is consist of a kind of shiny layer that radiated light to everywhere. Photosphere is a gas layer. The center of the sun is it's core. In this place, the temperature reach more than 15 million degrees celcious. This is a place in the sun where is the nuclear reaction happens and radiated to everywhere.

Did you know ? Everytime the sun radiates light and heat everywhere, The sun lost it's mass that called the mass defect. These mass defect are happens because of the nuclear reaction. If the sun's mass are all gone, The sun can't radiates light and heat anymore. This phenomenon will cause our solar system become very cold and covered by darkness. In Earth, this phenomenon will cause the death of any life one day. But, nobody know when it will happens.

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