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Humans already live in earth since 4 million years ago. Many researcher believe, humans live start around 4 million years ago when a hominid was separated from the primate's evolution line that descents chimpanzee and gorilla. Then, this hominid developed itself and descents modern humans, Homo sapience. This statement is mostly based on the evolution theory that proposed by Charles Darwin.

Evolution theory is a theory that says almost all creatures that live in the past adapted itself to it's environment to survive. Because of it's adapt, the parts of it's body transformed in a process, recently this process happens in a long time. This process called evolution.

In the evolution theory, it's said that humans descended from a kind of hominid. Hominid is a creature that has characteristics between humans and anthropoids. Many hominid fossils that scattered around the world. The oldest hominid fossil that ever found is the Australopithecus africanus. These hominid fossils are found in Africa. It brain capacities around 450 cc. It can walk with its two legs and can stand sturdily. This sturdy position are very important since this sturdy position gave some advantages. Two of them is: this position make it can seeing something without any problem with long distance, and it can transfer it's weight into it's hands.

Around 2 million years, appear Homo habilis, This species is the descendants of Australopithecus africanus. This species already has an ability to make some rough tools from rocks and animal bones. They survive until around 1,5 million years ago. In 1,5 million years ago, they replaced by Homo Erectus.

Homo erectus has a larger brain capacities than Homo habilis. They has make some refined tools from rocks and bones. then, Homo erectus descents Homo Neanderthalensis. They live in caves, and has burry dead people. In some place, they survive until 40,000 years ago. Then, they replaced by modern humans, Homo sapience.

That's all about humans ancestors that said by evolution theory. But, in Al-Qur'an there has written about humans creation that said humans has created in it's complete form since the first humans created.

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