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Humans creation process is a long process. It takes around 9 months and there're many phase in this process. But, beside it's a long process, this process is a wonderful process. This process started when an ovum cell has released from "The Ovary."

Ovary is a place where the ovum cells are formed and released. When the ovum cell released, the ovum cell is "catched" by "Fallopian Tube" drain that helps the ovum cells to reach Uterus. In this drain where the fertilization processes are happened. The ovum cell are moves slowly in this drain. But, it hasn't anything that help it to move on the ovum cell surface like cilia and flagella. This facts make many researcher confused. After a long time research, the researchers found there's a mechanism of cilia on the fallopian tube surface that helps the ovum cell move.

When the ovum cell moves in the fallopian tube, fertilization process may happened between an ovum cell and a sperm cell. This is start when the sperm cells from the male body enter the female body. When it entered in the female body, there's a large number of the sperm cells that may reach more than 1 million cells. This number are a kind of prevention of the fertilization process failure because there're some acids in the female body. These acids are functioned as one of the immunity system and may kill any bacteries, cells, etc include sperm cells.

A fertilization process start when a sperm cell reach the ovum cell. Then this sperm take off it's tail and go into the the inner part of the ovum cell where the genetic substance from the ovum cell protected. After that, the genetic substance from the ovum and the sperm cell are fused each other and then form a zigot.

There're two chromosome in these genetic substance that called "The sex chromosome". These chromosomes are functioned as the determine of the sex of the humans that will born. These chromosomes are called as The X chromosome and The Y chromosome too. This is because of these chromosomes form that look like those words. If the genetic substance that fused each other contain The X chromosome (XX) the human that will born is a female. But if the genetic substance that fused each other contain The X chromosome and The Y chromosome (XY), the human that will born is a male.

After the fertilization process, the zigot suddenly divided itself into two cells, four cells, eight cells and more. This zigot will developing into an embryo. Then this embryo will reach his/her mom's uterus and growth there until 9 months. After that, him/her will ready to born.

This process is a process that newly found around the end of the 20th centuries. But, this process has written in Al-qur'an that descend 14 centuries ago. But, for more completed information you can see it here.

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