THE ANCESTOR OF HORSE, "Hyracotherium"

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Around fifteen million years ago, many forests has lost and turned into meadows as the cause of the rise of the cold and dry climates. This condition has make many animals lost their living place and forced to live in the new habitation, meadows.

one of the animals that forced to live there is a mammal called "Hyracotherium". This animal lives in The Eosen Era. This mammal is said as the ancestor of Modern Horse. "Hyracotherium is a herbivorous mammal which has forty four teeth with a low crown which used for "munching" soft leaves from a tree or bush.

"Hyracotherium" is the first equine that known. Many scientist believe, "Hyracotherium" is the ancestor of the all kind of horses. "Hyracotherium" has adapted very well for lives in the meadows. This mammals has four "fingers" on every leg it has. These fingers has a function to support almost all of it's weight. This animal is as big as a mouse-deer.

Around The Oligosen Era, "Hyracotherium" are extinct. But, this animal has descents a descendant called "Mesohippus". This animal has almost completely adapted to live in the meadows. "Mesohippus" are larger than "Hyracotherium". "Mesohippus" has four legs which are stronger than "Hyracotherium's" legs. These legs has adapted very much to lives in the meadows. This animal's legs have transformed into strong and long legs. This animal's leg fingers are reduced into three fingers on every legs it has. It's center fingers are larger than the others fingers. Like it's ancestor, Mesohippus has a long neck which helps it to eats grass with a standing position. In it's mouth scientists found some "pra-molar teeth" that has almost developed into "molar teeth", with these molar teeth, "mesohippus" can improve it's "munching" capability.

In the middle of Miosen Era, lives a kind of horse called "Merychippus". This horse is the descentdant of "Mesohippus". Like it's ancestor, "Merychippus" still has a long neck. It has three fingers on it's back legs and four fingers on it's front legs. This animal has four long legs like it's ancestor, but really different with the Modern Horse's legs.

Now, "Merychippus" has already extinct. But, from a research, scientist found these species has descents it's descendants called "equus" or called Modern Horse. Equus has four very strong legs which has completely adapted for lives in the meadows. This animal's fingers are reduced again until left one finger on every legs it has. These fingers are protected by a modified strong nail that located on it's fingers. Equus's legs has completely modified for run fastly without any consequence to get a sprained ankle.

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. i learn alot from this cite

  3. Anonymous Says:
  4. I totally believe in Evolution it exists for sure I believe in it 100%. It has taken so long for me to figure this out for myself but now I have and I am proud of myself because I wont let brainwashing overcome me, I believe in evolution.

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. Evolution is truly amazing, this site is amazing whoever made it well done, I give you full credit :)


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