Rain forest is a kind of forest that located around the equator region. This forest has a high temperature. The temperature in this kind of forest is around 25 degree celcious. Beside that, this kind of forest has a high amount of rainfall too. Its around 200-450 centimeters per year. This forest has many high, big, and leafy plants that become it's characteristics.

Many organisms live in their habitats in the rain forest. Some rare species like the family of Rafflesia, a family of parasitic leafless plants of tropical Asia that has a very large, malodorous flower, and the others organisms that mostly in danger can be found in rain forests. Even, some organism that was never identified before often found in rain forest. For example, The Large Cavern Cockroach from Kalimantan which is said as the largest cockroach in the world. This Cockroach was found in a forest in Kalimantan lately.

Beside that, rain forests can be used for prevent and overcome Global Warming that has become the world problem. Rain forest can reduce the amount of gases that caused the global warming, one of them is Carbon Dioxide that has increased rapidly now. The increase of the carbon dioxide amount has make the greenhouse effect that was the main problem that cause global warming. At the normal amount, the carbon dioxide will keep the earth's surface temperature in stable condition. But, if the amount of Carbon dioxide was increased rapidly, the temperature on the earth surface will be hotter.

Now, many rain forest regions are in danger due the humans activitiess that care for the environment carelessly. Beside that, the explotion of the inhabitants also make the rain forest areas decreased rapidly due the nescessity of land especially in developing country like Indonesia. Illegal logging also the main problems that has make many people suffer. If the forests are cutting down, the lands which are the trace of forest won't able to stop the water current from rain and make disasters like floods and landslides. The moving fields also make the forest destroy because it make the forest become unfertile anymore.

Now, many effects are already happen, disaster everywhere, flood has sinks many area. Cyclones that were caused by global warming strucks many capitals. These were mostly caused by humans careless activities to environment. We must prevent it by protect our environment especially rain forests. We must care to it for our next generation. SAVE OUR EARTH IN ORDER TO COMMEMORATE THE INTERNATIONAL EARTH DAY!

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