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Gymnosperm is a classification of plants group whose leaves that never fall, even in autumn and winter season. Sometimes, people call them ''Evergreen'' plants. Gymnosperm word was taken from Greek "gymnospermos" which means "naked seed" .Gymnosperm classification based on the plant's seeds which covered by pulp or not. If the seed covered by pulp, it classified as angiosperm. If not, it classified as gymnosperm. Both of Gymnosperm and angiosperm are the member of Spermatophyte.

Gymnosperm estimated had been exist since the late carboniferous period. This has proven by fossils records which show the early gymnosperm plants.

Gymnosperm reproduce theirselves by using two kind of spore, Megasporangium and Mikrosporangium. Most o Gymnosperm fertilization are helped by wind.

Gymnosperm are old plants, some of them even already extinct. But, there're some weird gymnosperm that really unusual. Some of them are known as the highest tree in the world, the others are known as the largest tree due their stem volume. Even there's a kind of gymnosperm that lives more than 4800 years.

"Sequoia" is one of this unusual gymnosperm. It is said as the highes creatures in the world due it's height which usually around 115 meters. Even, this tree often transformed into a habitats of others creature like Pterydophite families, bird, even some microorganism.

Another unusual plant is Ahuehuete (Taxodium mucronatum) which has the thickest stem (around 10 meters). This plant was known as plant with the thickest stem ever known.

Most of the unusual gymnosperm are famous for their size. But, there is some unusual gymnosperm that have normal size. For example the bristlecone Great Basin Pine which only nine meters height. So, why this gymnosperm is said as an unusual plant?

The Bristlecone Great Basin Pine is famous for it's age. This gymnosperm are known as a creature that has the longest life span ever. This gymnosperm even can survive more than 4800 years. That's why these gymnosperm said as the creatures which has the longest life span ever.

Most of the unusual plants are classified as gymnosperm. Although there are others unusual plants that come from the others plant's classification. These plants can be said as one of miracles that known on the Earth surface. Together with the others miracles and facts, these plants indirectly shown one of the almightiness of our creator.

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