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Around 1632, the first microscope was invented by Antonie van Leewenhook. This microscope enable humans to see microorganisms like microbes and bacteries which are unseeable without aid. At that time, organisms are classified into two kingdoms: Animalia and Plantae. Animalia is a kingdom which consist of heterothrope organisms which can moving freely whether Plantae is a kingdom which consist of autothrope organisms that have limited movement. By the invention of microscope, humans know there are others organisms beside animals and plants.

At that time, humans already able to see microorganisms by tha help of microscope. But, the classification of microorganisms had cause problems. It is because some of the microorganisms look like animals, but the others microorganisms look like plants. Automatically, this problem cause controversy between scientist whether the microorganisms classified into Animalia Kingdom or into Plantae Kingdom.

One of microorganisms that made scientists at that time confused about the microorganisms classification is Euglena sp. This microorganism is one of microorganisms that can move freely with the help of it's Flagellum (plural: flagella). Beside that, Euglena sp also has an ability to do photosynthesis. This shows that Euglena sp has both animal and plant characteristic. Beside Euglena sp, there are also others microorganisms that have both animal and plant characteristic. For example Volvox sp, an algae that can moving freely.

Now, microorganisms are classified into three new kingdoms, Protist, Archaebacteria, and Eubacteria. This is because there are a lot of microorganisms that have animal characteristic or plant charateristic or both of the caharacteristic. Of course between these three microorganism's kingdoms there are also differences. Protist is microorganisms that have nucleus membrane that covered it's nucleus. This means, protist is eucariotic organism. Archaebacteria is a procariotic organisms. This is because they don't have nucleus membrane that covered their nucleus. Same with Archaebacteria, Eubacteria is a procriotic organism. But, They are different from Archaebacteria. Archaebacteria are microorganisms that live in extreme environment whether Eubacteria live in normal environment. This problem had been solved since the microorganisms classified into three new kingdom. But, sometimes this problem still disputed by some people.

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